this past holiday season i was gifted with a cup on which is the poem we are in no hurry.  this is rather the theme of my life these days. i sleep when sleep comes, i dress for pleasing my soul, i snowshoe in the evenings as…

friday afternoon book club.

  so. there we were. three of us. sitting in a sunlit room at sutton public library. we discussed this month's book club selection and then turned the crosstalk to other books we are reading, and important subjects, like, spring seed catalogues, and, growing dahlias, and, are mice native to alaska? you know, quite important discussion-worthy…

“and that’s okay.”

.“Healing comes in wavesand maybe todaythe wave hits the rocksand that’s okay,that’s okay, darlingyou are still healingyou are still healing.”~ Ijeoma Umebinyuo...where have i been, you ask? physiotherapy. exercising. journaling. knitting. reading. resting. but mostly, i have been healing, allowing it to come in its own time.