this year, i am finding myself feeling enthusiasm for a new season. less than a month ago, i was snowshoe’ing. and now, i am tending to my little transplanted garden starts. i have been studying moon signs and feel excited about watching green and growing things changing as the moon shifts through her phases. the only problem i have right now is that i don’t know how to pace myself. i am like a whirling dervish, spinning madly through my days until i drop into my chair in the evening to watch the price is right. [don’t laugh. it’s my latest guilty pleasure.] [OK. go ahead and laugh.] this morning finds me sitting in the sunshine at the kitchen table, sipping earl grey and penning some letters. i shall jump up, soon, and dive into the day’s chores. then, later, when my body says im done, i’ll soak in a lobster tub of water and read for awhile. 

its a good life……….

7 thoughts on “new days.

  1. Ooooh your days sound full as a moon! Coyotes howl at the moon, don’t they?
    I can feel your satisfaction in how you’re spending your days.
    Haha, for me it’s Jeopardy!
    Did Clare make that folding journal?? W.O.W.
    And you know, I have a tshirt with that mermaid holding a seal logo. Chad brought it back from one of his visits to Homer. (He teaches an environmental studies class there).
    Love seeing you this morning, Bernard!

  2. yes, we coyotes howl at the moon.
    i love that you watch jeopardy. i’ll have to check what time it is on. then it would be TWO guilty pleasures on television!
    oklahoma girl sent the journal and the pencil and the peace cranes.
    life feels so easy, so good, these days.
    good to see you, too, this morning!

  3. Dont’cha just love the beginning of a new day, a new season, a new year? I say jump when you feel like jumping, rest when you feel like resting. Go with the flow!

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