….and, yet another lesson.


today pinto, mister jones, the universe, and my intuition taught me a valuable lesson. lessons, actually. i learned about the clove hitch, and i learned about love. the clove hitch is a valuable thing to know….because….i was wondering why my string-beaded strands i wear were stretching. and when i woke this morning with pinto lying up next to me, i knew that my irritabilities and anxieties were are forgiven.

i read a quote this morning, and it was attributed to buddha….and to buddhist teachings….and to other philosophical writers….so who knows who or why. but, yet, it’s a lovely quote. in the endonly three things matter :: how much you lovedhow gently you livedand how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you. a dear friend said to me you are much more easycontent….accepting, healthyand happy truly. i believe i am changing. i believe life is changing me. i’m learning to love. fiercely. faithfully. loyally. i’m learning to live more gently, to be kinder to myself and others. and i’m learning which things are not meant for me and when it’s time to let go. 

when i worked with oldtimers, one of them [or maybe it was several of them] said to me its really not a day well-lived unless you learn something. i’m learning new lessons. every day. it’s good to know i am teachable.


it’s a good grand life. 


6 thoughts on “….and, yet another lesson.

  1. Auugghhh! Somehow my desktop stopped notifying me of your new blog posts!

    Pinto….such a beauty. Such a sweet face.

    And the Buddhist quote….without a doubt, the most profound thing I’ve read in a long, long time. I’m going to keep that one close to my heart.

    Finally, may I say your writing is becoming more and more beautiful with every posting.
    Love you, woman.

  2. what a great post!
    stellar quote! Ever since I started cleaning up & letting go of “stuff” it has helped me to understanding the deeper meaning of – let go- and has helped me also to understand this Buddha quote better.

    thank you so much for sharing it. I’m making special note of it.

    and hooray, Pencilfox, to easy, content, accepting, healthy & happy!!!
    amen to that.

  3. i’m having difficulty right this minute, but, HEY, i ain’t perfect. i keep on tryin’……

  4. so glad you drop in to visit, heather.
    i am a mere mirror image of you, love shining back at itself.

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