another lesson.


life kicks my ass some days. here it is 2:40 p.m., and i’m chewing off my coyote legs out of frustration and irritability because [1] i hadn’t eaten yet and [2] i hadn’t journal’d and [3] i was beating myself up over the lack of free expedited shipping because i live in the last frontier. so, i [1] whipped up a banana almond milk protein smoothie and [2] sat down and wrote in my journal and [3] sewed up a wool felt bird.

sometimes it’s that easy. sometimes all it takes is some much-needed self care and laying down that fucking big stick i beat myself up with.



6 thoughts on “another lesson.

  1. 1. I am devouring everything you have written and loving it. 2. That big fucking stick needs to be carved into a supportive and beautiful walking stick. I know it well and it does not serve any of us that tend to use it. So, yeah, supporting the journey instead of causing additional pain is what I am striving for. Thank you for the reminder. ❤️

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