liberated lines :: emerge. day 4.

i am silence
listening to what is.
i am prayer
early and often.
i am dress leggings boots
i am coyote
feral and tangled.
i am beads and leather
rocks and shells.
i am braids
ritual and slow.
i am animals
now and gone.
i am forest
deep and alive.

2 thoughts on “liberated lines :: emerge. day 4.

  1. I am captivated by this!
    I’ve gone back and forth staring at its beauty, the animals and figures and everything, all telling some sort of story, I’m sure.
    It’s intriguing, Bernard.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. ‘t’was my mother’s. it lay’d on a table in her living room for years. she was always saying “when i’m gone, [this table] [this chair] [this whatever she would be pointing to] will be yours”, referring to all her many wonderful antiques and figurines et al. i never wanted anything but *this* milagro cross. and i told her that. i would pick it up and show it to her and i would say “this is all i want.” and she’d say, bemused and aghast, “this?!?!” yes, this.

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