the livin’ is easy.



‘t’is the season. greenhouse season. the pencilfox garden starts were sowed and grown under a light in the basement. most of them are still there. but, yet, the sweet peas moved to the greenhouse yesterday. and today, milo moved his catnip to join the sweet peas. theyve got each other. now they won’t be lonely. or scared. they’ve got country legends on the radio. they’ve got the ceiling light on overnight. and they’ve got a woodstove fire to keep their feet warm. ’til morning. then mama goes out in the morning and lays a small fire to chase off the morning chill. 

its a good life. 



4 thoughts on “the livin’ is easy.

  1. Oh, mama. You are living a most precious and satisfying life in the s l o w lane.
    Everyone and everything is rising & blooming. 🌼

  2. Is that a little heart on someone’s butt? It must be a part of the sun and the moon and the stars that surround you these days. Pure serendipity, dear woman.
    (And I love that milo lent a paw and moved his catnip, Good kitty, he is.)

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