the turning of seasons.

i know i’m not responsible for the weather, nor do i make the seasons turn. but in my own little world, i do have some control in acceptance, mood, and daily activity. after chatting with a local friend last week outside our little sutton post office, i determined that i should move forward into spring. after all, my beloved snow is quickly melting, and the weather is helping move things along with sunny skies and some gentle winds to dry up the break up muck. my whole attitude has changed. maybe it has something to do with how gently i live and tread within the pencilfox house. after all, i don’t mind cleaning, being a youngly retired housewife, giving the floors of our living quarters a quick damp mop every day. i’m given to discipline and no play til the work is done. it’s no big dang deal to suck up the dirt and sand the four-leggeds track into the house. i just accept it as yet another season in life. break up season. so, back to moving forward into spring. mister jones graciously carried potting soil and planters and pots into the basement, and therein i began gardening. i felt this year i need to plant according to the moon. the skies held a waxing moon over the weekend, so it was a good time to set to it. i didn’t want to go great guns like someone i know who also lives in the house because i did not want to be overwhelmed and feel i have to plant every little sprout that shoots forth from the dirt. enough is enough. whatever decides to grow for me will be enough.

i love the little signs i receive that i’m living gently and loving muchly. like, a rainbow on my studio floor. little vegetable sprouts only four days after sowingand the peace and calm that fills the space of the pencilfox house. it’s a good life, don’t’cha’ know………. *

7 thoughts on “the turning of seasons.

  1. Sounds like you are well into spring mode up there in the not-so-frozen anymore north. Your contentment, your joy in everyday life, it all shines through. And that’s what it’s all about, right?

  2. At first I thought “no!” She MOPS every day??!! (I mop once a year) haha
    But then I read about your beasts coming and going. Now I get it.
    Love to hear you’re living and swaying gently.

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