touchstones and such.

after reading this morning’s prompt for liberated lines i was all prepared to post something perfect and pious about what guides me and my touchstones and all that, and then i realized by 1:00 p.m. [1] i hadn’t slept very much and was fading quickly as the day drew on, and, [2] i met a friend for breakfast and some really good chatting and was grateful for that, yet my body was still jonesing for more food, and [3] i hadn’t packed any water and i’m a real water snob, drinking only pencilfox well water, and, [4] i traded in my like-new jamis bicycle for a trike, welling-up with tears in the store because i am going through a major life change and am surrendering accepting adapting, and [5] i walked off and left my brand-new carbon REI walking stick who-the-fuck-knew-where and experienced yet another meltdown over that because i violated my cardinal rule of staying present and not multi-tasking, and, [6] i have changed my food intake drastically and my body seems to be hungry most all the time.

and then i knew my touchstones :: mister jones supports me in my crazyness and life-changes and loves me more than seems imaginable at times. milo ziggy pinto all adore me. i can pause any time i need to, breathing and centering myself. i drive a trusty jeep and she gets me home safely where i can wander pencilfox acres ’til i feel OK about being back inside four walls. once back in the house i am surrounded with so-many-too-many favourite things, rocks and shells and figurines on shelves and windowsills.


[stay tuned for photos of my new tricycle. she’s champagne and has two baskets and she’ll help me safely get back on a cycling routine….]

4 thoughts on “touchstones and such.

  1. I adore you, dear woman! And like you, I tend to multi-task and then find, in the midst of the multi-tasking, I’ve done something incredibly stupid or forgotten something………………auuggghhh. Screw these bugfucking life changes.

    Looking forward to the trike photos….bet she’s a beauty!

  2. and i adore YOU, too, for admitting it happens to you. and i love that you say “bugfucking”….

    i need a name for her….i’ll post photos….i pick her up tomorrow, sunday….


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