garden days.

this year, i’m taking it easy. one day at a time. planting garden starts one day, sowing seeds over the next few days. as it turns out, i’m planting on even number days. not anything i planned, per se. but i am an even number sort of girl.

it’s a good life.


3 thoughts on “garden days.

  1. Well, let’s see. Right now it’s the 21st and whatdya know, it’s also a Sunday. So,
    that means, no planting today! Kick it.
    Smiling at your neat little braid and the earrings. 💛

  2. everything has been sown, even a small potato patch for mister jones and a catnip patch for mountain milo!! now all we have to do is give the garden her water and lots of love, pull weeds, and wait for growth!! pinto guards, and ziggy stays close by me wherever i am, in the garden or taking a rest in the chairs. mountain milo keeps a close eye on his catnip plants and takes frequent naps. it’s a good life, all the way around….!!

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