wild horses.

i am mostly feral coyote. when i am near the sea, i am selkie. but, yet, in my heart, i am wild horse. 

congress just opened the backdoor to killing or slaughtering thousands of wild horses. they also called for accelerated roundups to remove as many as 50,000 from their homes on the range.

if this trend continues, soon there could be no more wild horses on the range.

its time to take a stand.


3 thoughts on “wild horses.

    You happen to be one of my favorite wild ones, Bernard!
    Thank you so much for being a voice for the mustangs!
    I knew you’d want to be with the band. 🙂
    xOxO 💘

  2. of course i am with the band.
    i cannot help but weep every time i read about the possibility of removal and slaughter. it just cannot turn out good….unless we band together with the band……….

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