there and back.



there was just so much magic i find i want to keep it all tucked away in my heart and not have to limit the posts herein. all during the trip i found myself wanting to not snap any photos, wanting to simply cement each image into my heart.

so, friends, i leave you with some beauty from our recent road trip there and back, a few days truly lived, time spent with the mountains and the sea and all that surrounded us.




4 thoughts on “there and back.

  1. It’s all so beautiful….
    There are not words that could do justice to a place like that.
    Sometimes, when I’m on the mesa, I find myself thinking the same thing….photos are meaningless. There is only this time and this space and I am grateful beyond words to be in it.

  2. i knew you would understand. after a certain point, i stopped snapping photos. even if….when….i lose any memory, this will all be ingrained in my heart. have you ever seen the movie soylent green?? sol goes to lay his body down, and all the images he loved, the classical music, all this accompanied him into death. scenes like what i saw in seward, these are what i want to take with me to “forever”……….

  3. just beautiful. i find myself doing the same thing a lot – NOT taking pictures; just absorbing the sights and sounds. where did you go? someplace you’ve never been?

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