zig in a basket.



mister jones mentions all the time what a good life we have. and it’s true. so true. i don’t think about it a whole lot, although i do talk to my higher power about it all, every morning upon waking, and often throughout any given day. i am humbled. grateful.

lately, i have been waking early, lying in bed, listening to birdsong outside the window. my body has taken to shifting, waking earlier and earlier, wanting to retire early come evening. who woulda thunk that this night shift worker of 40 years would fall into a new routine quite suddenly, quite easily. so i lie there, usually with pinto and milo next to me, saying my thank you and letting thoughts of others guide me into meditation and prayer. then comes a list with which i challenge myself, things to do this given day, then pulling it out of memory when i hit the living area, sitting at the table with hot lemon water, writing down said list so that i can attempt to accomplish it all.

i have not been here in my online journal recently, so i thought it was time to say a few words and post a couple photos, to leave you with this :: i’ve been riding my tricycle around the yard, learning her, learning how to handle her. it’s a process. it’s progress, not perfection. and that’s how i view life. every day i do a little, or i do a lot, and i’m learning to listen to my body. but no matter what i do, i give thanks and speak gratitude for it all, family and friends and all that i have and all that i shall be given. good or bad. all that i shall be given.


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