a day wherein.

when i awoke this morning, i lay’d in bed, window open, and i listened to bird song. years ago, when i wrote my manifesto, therein i said birdsong is my prayer. awhile back, i revisited my manifesto and thought it all read sorta kinda cheesy. i eliminated a good part of it, rewrote it to who i am today, right now. so….back to this morning. this morning, i really focused on this part of my morning meditation — help me to help others. realizing, lately, i have too much stuff, i set out to take care of that. fast forward to right now. here it is, 3:56 p.m., and i feel like my day is gone….that i have gotten nowhere fast. there were letters i wanted to write. there are weeds to pull from garden rows. but, in the spirit of staying positive about my life, i began looking at the good i have done. for others and myself. a friend came to visit, and she brought me a beautiful handmade cup for your tea, she said. she explained how it was created, all the layers of different clays, blended as the cup was on the pottery wheel. we chatted a good long while. and she helped by taking some of what i wanted to part with today. then i mailed out a box of more stuff to a friend in canada. i have created a moose meatloaf for mister jones, a little surprise for him. and i have been good to myself, have carried out my morning intentions to do the next right thing.  *  not always do things go as i wish. that’s the trick. to be willing. to be open. and to ask for how. 

its a good life. 


4 thoughts on “a day wherein.

  1. now you’ve gone and done it. next time i’ll have to try to shape the moose meat loaf into a moose.

  2. I get this feeling! Always so many things I want to accomplish and the day gets away. I believe in the value of the moment, but the whole of life perplexes me often.

  3. the whole of life. that’s a good one.
    you figured it out awhile back, and i followed suit. then we both jumped back into cyberspaces. i’m backing off the online stuff. too much too much. a waste of time, at times. x

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