a life sentence.

life goes on around here. the garden is fully planted. the crew ascends coyote hill every early evening to walk the rows and saunter the surrounding grounds and forests. pull a few weeds, give a ration of water, speak blessings to it all. there’s always a litre of lemon water for quenching thirst. and a chair for resting this old bag o’ bones when my body speaks to my soul time for a rest. 

recently my cells, my bones, every fiber of my being was under attack, my immune system horribly compromised. therein came instructions from medical staff, my stubbornly defiant will fighting back and screaming out i cannot give up my honey!! yes….yes….you must. no more honey. no more wheat. no fruit for several months’ time. this is a lesson that is striking home very hard, the hardest part being the realization it’s not just a quick fix, it’s a life sentence. but, yet, one i gladly accept, because i plan to live forever. or, at least, a dang long time longer.

the good thing about being pencilfox is that i am driven to do the next right thing. i’m not given to play ’til the work is done. this i can apply to the directives recently handed to me. i can do it. i can do it. 


its a good life……….


8 thoughts on “a life sentence.

  1. Wow, those are some major dietary changes! How are you doing on this new diet?
    We tried going gluten free but only lasted three months or thereabouts. I was so torn over the decision…..
    But your life changes are necessary. You can do it. And you’re darn right you’re going to live forever!

  2. thank you for dropping in!! needless to say, i’m finding it difficult, but today i purchased some organic stevia to sweeten tea and golden milk. it’s ain’t the same as honey, i can assure you of that!!
    let’s live forever and keep on hikin’!!

  3. agave, can you have that? i tried stevia but don’t like the aftertaste. does that eventually go away? sending you healing thoughts, and the will to do what you must.

  4. one teaspoon of raw honey per day. that’s what i can have, now that i asked my provider for some help figuring this out. i asked my provider for help discerning the lists, because, reading page after page online was driving me bug-fucking nuts.

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