working meditation.

what does one do when a beloved friend is journeying through the unknown? i do what i do best :: pile on all [or most all] the umber dove jewelry i possess. grow silent. muster up all the powers i can and send them to her in thought and meditation. paint. paint some more. because, when all is said and done, kelly is the one who got me into this, this watercolour love. 

today i cleaned my little lid palette and drew a new map to the colours i choose to use right now. pencil’d planets of circles and colours came into being. now i move on, sketching and painting more feathers as i sit in meditation for my beloved friend.

after all, my friend of the sage tells me, sometimes there just arent enough feathers. 


2 thoughts on “working meditation.

  1. Joining you in a heartfelt meditation for the woman who inspired your love for watercolor. I know she must be a very special person. Holding you BOTH in my heart.

  2. thank you for this. and thank you for “sometimes there just aren’t enough feathers.”

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