working through it.

i don’t know what i’m working through, but it feels a lot like grief. a friend’s news, and then my sister’s cat suddenly dying — the feeling just ain’t passing. it feels a lot like an intense need for self care. my friend introduced me to watercolours, and now it is my medicine. sketching, praying, fill it all in with water and paint. the thing about kitkat — he wasn’t very old — but he opened my sister’s heart. she never did like cats, but this little creature was found in her barn, three weeks old and all alone. she raised him and loved him. that’s what’s so important : the opening of a heart. that’s what my friend did for me through the years of knowing her. she helped me learn how to open my heart.


6 thoughts on “working through it.

  1. yes….all things pass. that is certainly a thought that i hold in my heart [and in my troubled thoughts] as i go through my days. it has gotten me through some really hard times, clinging to that objective truth.

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