me and my best good friends.



i spent days on end lost in grief and sorrow. i needed to find myself again. i needed to just be. a rare beautiful blue sky day took us up coyote hill. we weeded and hoe’d. we took rests and drank water. we sauntered into the prayer flag forest. and one of us thieved broccoli out of the bucket when no one else was looking.


its a good life. 



5 thoughts on “me and my best good friends.

  1. I guess we need the bad to balance the good. To *know* the good.

    Glad you were able to find your own good these days. And that little broccoli thief….he stole my heart!

  2. red dirt :: blue skies don’t cure everything, but they do help restore.

    julie :: you nailed it. to *know* the good, one needs to know both the bad and the good.
    yes, little zig is cute as canned bees. especially when he eats his raw veggies.

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