searching and finding.


“and the heart of the matter is in your soul

and not in your heart

not in your heart at all.” 


its a good life. 





10 thoughts on “searching and finding.

  1. the quote is from the song by rupert hine. “the heart of the matter.”
    and the boots are chacos.
    so glad you dropped in for a visit!!

  2. especially “crooked creek” and the little waterfall from the mountain, where the humpies and chum swim upstream to spawn. that, in itself, was an amazing thing to view.

  3. milo adores michael. he allowed michael to walk him on the leash. not me.
    the view was so beautiful at that pull-out spot.

  4. today hasn’t been good for me. i layed in bed this rainy afternoon reading your beautiful words. they – and you – are a gift. thank you.

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