taking it all in.

we took a little road trip. rollee home living. i never quite understood the attraction of owning a recreational vehicle, but now i do. one can travel and still have the comforts of home. 

we loaded up the pencilfox family, all five of us. me and him and the dog and the other dog and the cat. we headed north, not sure of exactly where our travels would take us. we chased blue skies in order to avoid rainclouds, but, yet, grey skies and wet weather followed us as we traveled the denali highway. even though we did not drive into the park, there was still much to see, much to enjoy, much to tuck into my heartpocket. 

one fox. two ground squirrels. five red squirrels. one young caribou. one beaver. swans and their cygnets. one eagle. three rabbits. two tour buses. three bones. 

it was a most excellent adventure. and, its a good life.



5 thoughts on “taking it all in.

  1. My heart skipped a beat.,,,not only at the photos of that god-awesome country but at the sweet photo of bluebells….one of my favorite flowers! (I see so very few of them out this way.)
    And an rv! How did the pets like it?

    Mr Sage and I have tossed around the idea of an rv for a couple of years now. As you say….all the comforts of home.
    I bet it was glorious.

  2. julie :: i know!! bluebells!! aren’t they grand?!!

    the dogs enjoyed being with us. after the first day, milo slept almost continuously. we tried taking him on leashed walks, but when you are a free roamer, it’s not the same, especially when stalking tiny birds. [~wink.]

    this is a “used” but well-taken-care-of 5th wheel trailer. it’s just the right size.

    and, yes, the trip was glorious.


  3. Felt like I was on that trip with you guys.
    That cat may have been sleeping, but good lord, that scenery, Bernard!
    I like the cairns and the fireweed.
    And the special bones you put in your pocket.
    The whole doggone family went rollee!! Well.
    Love you.

  4. red dirt :: every once in a while, milo exited his crate and came to the front to look out the windows. we ALL enjoyed the scenery.
    the bones are so special. i know what they mean to me, and that’s all that matters.
    yup….the whole doggone family went rollee!!

  5. I’m glad you took an rv trip. Looks like a swell experience!
    Lovely photos. It’s good to get away from the everyday for a shirt time.
    I used to go on camper trips with my grandparents. I’ve seen B.C., Alberta, Washington, Oregon & California with them. What I wouldn’t do for even one such day now!!!
    You made some new nice memories!!! xo

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