the list of this week.
1. ain’t nothing like a wee blue hobbit mug to brighten one’s morning.
2. learning more about my body and what may be causing the symptoms that are presenting.
3. autumn is here. mornings are not as chilly as years past, but it ain’t summer any longer, with narrower variances between morning lows and daytime highs.
4. carrots and onions are in the storeroom. peas have been canned. beets are up next on the agenda.
5. mister jones went a’hunting for moose and brought back rocks and no moose.
6. several times this week i have talked with others about how lessons continually present themselves and how very welcome these lessons are, because if i am not willing to change, then how can i hope to make things better for myself and others? ready (and more than willing) to lean into change.

6 thoughts on “autumnish.

  1. oh, you know, you say namasté and bow. [~wink.] so far the book is telling me about mindfulness and positive self-talk and asking [before speaking] is it necessary, is it kind, is it true.

    i was just thinking about the changing season, that summer ain’t all that long up here, but it feels like we burn the candle at both ends for a few short months and then wonder why we’re so tired and ready for winter.

    are YOU ready for winter??

  2. Am I ready for winter? Winter can’t get here soon enough. I should be thankful it’s 84 degrees outside instead of the usual 104. Let me sleep under a blanket of snow.
    Namaste, dear woman.

  3. and *i* am ready for rest and relaxation and reading and in-the-house stuff. and snowshoe’ing.
    yes, 84 should feel way much cooler than bugfuckin’ 104, eh?
    namasté back’at’cha.

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