ain’t never gonna stop.


my hat is off to single mothers, dads raising kids, grandmothers and uncles and aunties stepping in as the one giving all their time to children. my body now understands your tireless devotion and my heart thanks you.



4 thoughts on “ain’t never gonna stop.

  1. Time with the wee ones is so darn good for the soul. (where does all that boundless energy come from?)
    Those fall colors….beautiful! And is that the *larch* sporting a yellowing branch? 😉

  2. we are fortunate to have wee jasper just across the road, so when we need a “fix” all we have to do is go get ‘im.
    and yes :: the tree photos are for *you*….since you’ve been taunting that dear larch with giving in to the weather.

  3. he’s a sweetie cutie, that jasper is.
    i’ll hug him best i can next time i see ‘im, and think of you……

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