to all things, the good.


you were assigned this mountain to show others it can be moved.

every morning, morning pages. every morning, gratefulness. feeling so grateful and writing it all out. that, and, mapping out changes in this bag o’ bones. cause and effect. when and what. because i don’t even know sometimes how old i am. because i don’t even remember sometimes how many turns ‘round the sun. because i’m gonna live forever. just simply so very grateful for excellent body work. so very grateful for the love of everyone in my circle. animals included, of course.


its a good life.






2 thoughts on “to all things, the good.

  1. The love that pours from this post is just one big, beautiful thing.
    Snow! Pink flamingo! You and mountain Milo!

    Dealing with the changes that come with age is so hard. Accepting those changes is harder still. (Believe me, I KNOW.)
    But after all is said and done and the changes are accepted, we will live forever!

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