out in the forest with grouse and weasel.

……and mister jones said “only my wife carries home scat in her pocket.” yup. i did. just to show him that grouse were out there where i was. most likely weasels, as well, but as we all know, weasels are weaselly and not easily seen. 


life is grand. 


4 thoughts on “out in the forest with grouse and weasel.

  1. That forest of yours must smell awesome this time of year! Do you collect the rose hips? (Loaded with vitamin C!)

    And while I haven’t brought any wild animal poo home yet, I have been known to collect owl pellets.

  2. You guys talking smack? I mean, scat?
    Want pocketfuls? in all varieties? Spend a day with me at Green Mountain or Stewart Creek. I got scat. Mister P would freak out at your treasures!
    But, I must say, sad faced, no weasels there. Badgers! 🙂
    Your image stream is slick, man!

  3. uh, yeah. cannot wait to gather scat with you someday, friend……
    [now THAT’s pretty doggone weird to say, ain’t it?!]

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