a parallel-universe sort of day.


i spent most of the day in a parallel universe. of this i am sure. my morning began as usual with the three animals piled around me in bed. i sat there wondering what do they think of this when they do this and then i realized they don’t think in terms of words. they simply do and that’s enough for them.

i have a new morning prayer, and it’s not really a prayer. it’s more a manifestation and i thieved it from a movie written by one of my faves dax shepard. i’m sure he wouldn’t mind me taking this for my prayer because we are like-minded and he rides the same boat i do.

this is the only moment i need to be worried about. theres no yesterday. theres no tomorrow. theres just right now. im not late for anything. im not gonna miss anything. i’m exactly where i’m supposed to be and i’m exactly who i’m supposed to be. i’m absolutely perfect and whatever happens today is exactly what’s supposed to happen. 

while out and about this morning in palmer wind gusts i stopped in at my favourite espresso drop-in joint and listened for a bit to mica as she talked about what’s going on her life and how she is somewhat mired in anguish over a situation yet wants to give it all over so that she doesn’t live in fear. as she continued on i realized this woman is a kindred spirit. i handed her one of the little papers upon which i have handwritten my new manifestation, telling her this helps me. we chatted about God and the power of The Universe and the power of prayer and not giving in to fear. you see, i have hand-written this manifestation in duplicate-triplicate-quadruplicate on tiny papers and tucked then into frequented pockets and also into my sleep pillowcase. i wanna sear it into my brain spaces and the cells of my crystal lattice.

from there i stopped in at the grocery, and as i was checking out, the cashier asked me how are you. i replied brainsucked because that’s what the wind gusts do to me. they suck my brain empty. she read too much into my statement and attempted to analyze me are you sick did you not sleep enough you sound like you are sick. unceasing. really. incessant unceasing analyzing. i just simply shut my mouth and thought you don’t even get it. 

then. on to purchase an anniversary gift for mister jones. i walked into this guy place where all these men were standing around at various counters, chatting about guy stuff they were buying. but. the little cutesweet true-alaskan gal at the counter greeted me with how are you. i replied i’d tell you i’m brainsucked but the last person i said that to didn’t get it and little cutesweet said to me the wind does that to me too and i’d have asked that person if they were brainsucked too. whoa. someone who gets me. someone who could be a twin to mister jones except she weighs about a third as much as he does and she’s much younger and way more pretty. i told her i’m gonna stick you in my pocket next to my husband and pull one or the other of you out next time i can’t think of a clever comeback because i’m too serious and i can’t ever think of a clever reply. 

driving home, a jeep approached my jeep from the rear. same exact colour. same exact style. did i say same exact colour and style?? this jeep eventually passed me and drove northward. i stopped at the library and chose a couple mindless books into which i can escape because one day in a parallel universe is enough for me. i like my own reality and thinking too much is just too much thinking. for me, anyway……





6 thoughts on “a parallel-universe sort of day.

  1. i really could’ve tucked little cutesweet into my pocket. she was quite precious and so alaskan.

    maybe i’ll check out *your book selections!!

  2. I think I just climbed aboard that same boat! Hope you and Dax won’t mind.
    Might have to jot that down; remind myself there’s no yesterday.
    I love this post! I think it really shows a side of your personality that I hadn’t “seen” before. You always make me smile but this time you had me laughing out loud!
    Thanks for everything, Bernard.

  3. red dirt.
    i really like reminding myself everyday-several-times-a-day that i am where i am supposed to be, that i am exactly who i am supposed to be, and that i am absolutely perfect. for whatever reason, i’m just now allowing *all that* to sink in.

    and, yes please, climb aboard the boat!!! but bring your pony. eh? {~wink.]


  4. Now this….*this*….is one fine piece of writing.
    No yesterday and no tomorrow. I am spending some time *today* pondering the idea of no yesterday and no tomorrow. I imagine that’s how the doggos and cats live. And I like that idea.

  5. i ain’t perfect and i ain’t in *today* today. reading your comment pulls me back to here and now, today.
    yeah, i believe, as well, this is how animals live.

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