friday night book club.

this ainthe book we read for october’s discussion gathering. the book we read had been claimed by a reader and for that, we are always thankful, eh?….that people still read?? real paper books, i mean. because i know there are people who read their reading material on electronic devices. 

the weather had been so very unforgiving on friday. sheets of rain fell from the heavens. we thought it was never going to end. by evening, however, the clouds parted and ye olde sun appeared in the southwestern sky. beautiful. a full rainbow, one foot in the matanuska river and the other planted somewhere near our beloved library. it was magic, truly. 


its a good life. 

6 thoughts on “friday night book club.

  1. It *was* a beautiful rainbow!
    And, yes, I read books too. Real, honest to goodness BOOKS. I love the feel, the smell, the weight of a book in hand.
    Yay for books.

  2. yes. yay for books!! that’s why i have a book shed. that’s why my bedside table is stacked with books. and that’s why my guest room is now a book room.

  3. Mr Sage built *three* bookshelves for me and I still have stacks of books everywhere!
    I love being surrounded by books….when I’m not surrounded by the mesa.

  4. yes to love-built bookshelves!! i have several myself……

    and, YES to being surrounded by the mesa AND books!!

  5. Oh your posts make me long for home….have enjoyed my visit with my kids but miss my mountains and my home.

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