winter. sort of.


a few nights ago, wind gusts tangled chimes hanging on the deck. i could hear them all the way to the back of the house where we lay’d in mid night, listening to the roaring power above and around us. i rose from rest and stood at the window, watching the aurora borealis dance above the treeline, arcs and curtains and rays of green and red. my eyes always search for sirius on a starry night. it is to this bright star that i send my prayers for beloveds who have passed on and left this earthly sphere. heaven came down and glory filled my soul……….


it’s a good life. 




4 thoughts on “winter. sort of.

  1. It really is good, isn’t it? Milo thinks so, too. He sure is living up to his name, little Mountain kitty that he is, pawprints in the snow! Adorable!
    I love a night that roars.

  2. i’m sure you understand the feeling of soul being satisfied to the point that you’re all full of glory.

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