mister jones and i had a discussion last evening about how the little card i carry in my pocket year round does not adequately depict the tracks of wildlife within our hinterlands. yes, a weasel may walk in a certain pattern, but once their pelage turns white and this wee creature magically transforms into ermine, they bound through the snow with different tracking.

there still ain’t enough snow to comfortably and freely snowshoe, yet i just had to get out there. it’s that feeling in my bones, the prickling of skin and tightening of muscles, and i just cannot breathe ’til i’m out there in the fresh air and open spaces. ya know?? i know you know……….

miss tō and mister mountain milo begged to tag along, but with the temperature hovering around 6F/-14.4C, they didn’t last long. plus, the light was waning, and just before alpenglow the setting sun washed the snow with a dramatic arctic blue. of course, i had to tease the pack once i returned home and saw them all warm and cozy in the pencilfox house, telling them that they left me out there in the forest where a band of wild weasels could have dragged me off. yet, secretly i was hoping for that very thing. ‘t’would not be so bad to be invited into a musky leafy den in the base of a birch tree, sipping a cup of tea, maybe a biscuit or two, singing songs around a warming fire, all shared in the company of my favourite little forest creatures……

6 thoughts on “snowdance.

  1. Beautiful, the image of the sun going down through the trees, behind those mountains. A golden goodness.
    Little weasel friend. I hope he continues to reveal his dance in the blue snow. With frequent dustings, you could have so much fun keeping a log of his daily comings and goings.
    I hope you get more snow soon!

  2. i wish there were some way to know if it is the same weasel/ermine making tracks all over the upper terrace where the prayer flag forest is located……

    we just got a bit more snow, but now the wind is gusting, so who knows how long it will stay!


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