doing the next right thing.


you see, it’s like this. know i’m not responsible for anyone else and their actions and all that happy horseshit, and i know i’m responsible only for my own reaction and more of that happy horseshit. but it’s true. all true. the day began with me sliding into it crossways and this was my mother’s birthday and i always used to call her so i was sad about that and i read too much into others’ actions and such, and, well, after all that, evening found me in a funk. a funk. and then i got to thinking about a faraway friend and how she told me about her funk and how all she could do at times was lay on the floor with her pooches, and i went there with her. i could have lay’d on the floor with milo and had my own funky little funk goin’ on, but i had still not rolled up the gift-wrap paper he had claimed for his own. by this time i had cried a bit too much, i had used the word fucky once too often, and i knew i had to get the heck outta dodge. for the sake of everyone else. ya know?? so i hopped into my jeepio and headed south to town. well OHMYGOSH that sunset. the colours were in my eyes, and looking in the rearview, beloved alpenglow was on my mountains i had just driven away from. i kept wanting to stop and snap a photo or two or three, but i wanted to hold it all in my heart and seal it up, to store it there for memory and need. by the time i arrived 15 miles south, my heart was lighter and all the fucky had left me. i sent happy vibes to my friend of funk and promised myself i would pen letters tomorrow and decorate the tree and wrap some gifts. but tonight?? i’m gonna tuck into my warm bed and begin a book sent to me by my penpal book-readin’ friend of montana.


yes. its a good life. 

10 thoughts on “doing the next right thing.

  1. I just wholeheartedly love you. That’s all there is to it. ❤️ PS I am a HuGe Paulo Coehlo fan and so want that day planner (even thou I already have one for next year). 🤩

  2. this planner was given to me. i’ve been “studying” it to consider how it will work into my life.

  3. The dreaded funk. How silently it creeps in and surrounds the soul.
    And then it lifts…..with a little help from a dear friend.

    Come on by for some funky oatmeal-nut-raisin cookies I just made and a cuppa tea.

  4. man-o-man. you don’t know how badly i wish i could drop in on your doorstep for cookies and tea and some sagey doggie love.

  5. Oh, sucky, fucky I’m glad you got all that out.
    I feel much better.
    By the by, I ADORE the smell of horseshit!
    Fun to hear your thoughts today.

  6. HAHha!!
    yeah. i needed to get it all out.
    but, HEY. i just read that people who curse are smarter and funnier and calmer than other folks who do not use them words. ya know??

  7. Oh man, as much as I sympathized with this a little too much, all the fuckies and the funk, and the wanting to lie on the floor, I just really loved reading this. Your thoughts, your true words, they’re coming to life here. Hugs and love. Be sure to stop here for a coffee fill-up on your way to Julie’s. 😉

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