pledge of allegiance.



i pledge allegiance to my soul and the united feelings of my heart when in the forest, and to the snow in which i stand. all this acreage, under the heavens, indivisible, with love and joy for all i feel. really. 

8 thoughts on “pledge of allegiance.

  1. Oh, you are so cute. And funny. And it’s a sweet thing, your pledge.
    That ice blue looks really cold.
    Did you go to Sitka???
    I used to fish out of there.
    Anyway, great to see you out Shoe’n. And trackin’.

  2. ‘t’was rather warm that day.
    “sitka” is a brand of clothing. i’d love to visit southeast alaska someday, though….
    so glad you dropped by!

  3. right now we are having warmer-than-normal temperatures….global warming, i guess….and my precious snow is melting!

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