right thinking. right feeling.



OK. so it’s like this. we’ve been celebrating a lot lately. for several reasons. but this occasion was to mark our 20th anniversary. rose petals on the table. most excellent service. food so delicious. we held hands and looked out the window at cook inlet and a magpie flying his thieved morsels into a tree and a squirrel running about grabbing what he could for his winter store. all in all a lovely day. 


its a good life. 

10 thoughts on “right thinking. right feeling.

  1. It’s like a full on ballet dance going on with that Reindeers’ antlers! Or is it a Caribou. It’s beautiful, isn’t it.
    Happy 20th you little lovebirds.

  2. hmmm. caribou, because reindeer are not roaming wild-and-free like caribou. caribou, because santa claus is the only one who can have reindeer. and, yes, it’s quite beautiful.
    thanks for your love. xO

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