all together now.


so there i was, minding my own business, snowshoe’ing by myself. pinto was with me. so i guess i wasn’t really by myself. i’d already been out to the prayer flag forest. then, all of a sudden, pinto BARKed and ran off. so often, lately, she hears something out there and goes off and leaves me alone in the snow. i don’t really mind. so, that was why i said snowshoeing by myself. i headed back to the junction where i’d go further out to the point and HEY its mister jones and ziggy and MILO! with pinto leading the pack. milo hadn’t been wanting to snowshoe with me since the lynx had left tracks on coyote hill. being the smart kitty he is, milo knew someone bigger had been marking the trail. mister jones said he wanted to go check the sawmill and the sheds [guy stuff, snowload, et al] so i headed out to the point and the pack followed mister jones. of course. but pretty soon, they all caught up with me.


its a good life. 







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