i snowshoe’d. again. i am a snowshoe fool. people ask me why i don’t swim at the pool with mister jones every morning. my answer — i prefer holy silence and being alone. and, i prefer my water frozen. in the form of snow, you understand. people also ask me if they can come snowshoe with me. my answer — only if you don’t talk. mister jones likes to tell people (besides telling everyone he swims two-to-three nautical miles every morning) “if you snowshoe with marie, you’ll end up leaving her behind. she’s not at all competitive.”

half-way up coyote hill, i burst into tears. you see, i had been feeling restless….discontented. and i really didn’t understand what was going on inside of me. as i rounded the corner to that-a-way, i was asking myself whats wrong with me? my little inner reminder reminded myself that i am trying to be positive. negativity adversely affects the immune system. so my what‘s wrong with me quickly turned into whats up with me?? there’s absolutely nothing wrong with me. i’m absolutely perfect. i’m absolutely the way i am supposed to be. there are things you don’t know about me yet because i have not told you but i am sure you suspect. one of those things is i like to decorate trees. and i am more scottish than i am whatever-else-my-blood-says-i-am. my little chubby cheeks i have had since childhood?? scottish. my beliefs and likes? celtic. and, i am not competitive. i believe i have never said that out loud. although mister jones certainly has. and, i am absolutely perfect. i have told you that, before. but, here’s one thing i have not told you :: i snowshoe in snowtical miles. 


its a good life. 

8 thoughts on “snowtical.

  1. Can I come…I love the quiet of nature? (But kinda prefer my water liquid…..hard to snowshoe that way, though)

  2. of course you may come snowshoe with me!! i have to warn you, though :: i’m kinda like elsa and you may be affected by my snowy personality. [~wink.]

  3. Bless those little chubby cheeks….you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be, doing exactly what you’re supposed to be doing.

    (And I hike in sage-ical miles!)

  4. of course you would hike in sage-ical miles!!
    [love it. we’re creating whole new words with this “-ical” addition!!]

  5. BAAHAAHA! As long as you don’t talk!!
    I got a good laugh out of that one. Truth is, I say that a lot… to whoever. Whenever. In cars. On the trail. And I don’t mind whatsoever how people take it.
    Ah, just one of the beautiful aspects of growing older.
    I want to say, also, that for me, bursting into tears is a gift! I don’t feel (anymore) to always have to analyze why I cry on a whim. I got stuff piling up inside and when it’s time it’s time! Cleanse. Release. Like a V-8 I needed that!
    Where my folks live there’s a coffeehouse I go to called The Nautical Bean. That’s my “-ical” contribution.

  6. i feel bad saying that to people, but, what the fuck. at this age, at this point in life, i don’t really care. because if people really knew me….really KNOW me….they’d already be fairly silent. [~smiling.]

    love your “-ical” contribution.

  7. What’s up with me? I’m super competitive—I would race you up that hill yelling at you to hurry up. I also love swimming. I love water aerobics and run in the water. My great grandparents were born in Scotland in the highlands. Cameron is my clan. They are loud and beautiful people. Love you💕

  8. i’ve got scottish in me, too, but i’m not competitive. i wonder “who” is my clan??
    love ya back. xx

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