keeping the earth on my left.


while shopping at the one and only true art store in the grand state of alaska, this escoda brush called me to it. yes, please, and thank you. i gifted it some new cold press pads. and for my soul, a sheet of arches 140 lb watercolour paper.

this morning i took this wee vertebra from its resting place and clasped it once again ‘round my neck. you see, i had removed it after attending the death party because i felt so out of place, so very much not a part of. i’ve been stumbling through feelings, not sure where i fit in, not sure who my people are. so this morning i poured a cup of thick sweet chai, sat with my new paper and brush, said a prayer, and invited her back into my life. we had a bond unlike others. unlike others’. i see now she has always been with me. and i see now who my people are.


it’s a good life. 






12 thoughts on “keeping the earth on my left.

  1. My mom always used to say: If you love something, set it free. If it comes back to you, it is yours. If it does not, it was never meant to be.

    I’m guessing your friendship with that wonderful woman was meant to be.

    And dang, woman, those moon phases are INSPIRED.

  2. Oh those Escodas!! I love mine to the moon and back. 😉

    May you be comforted, even touched with grace as you feel the vertebra gift gently upon your skin and soul.

    Hugs sweet friend.

  3. Does that mean you want your chiming horse and feather back?
    (Oh no…)
    It’s a part of me now, too.

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