these are the days.


these days. these are the days i find myself often saying. deep fresh snow, more hours of daylight, and time to do as i wish when i wish. today, mister jones slept-in instead of waking at 3:30 to swim his three nautical miles at the pool. after time spent together in town, ending with a bowl of homemade greek lemon chicken soup and baklava dessert at our favourite kafé neo, mister jones decided he would go snowshoe’ing. imagine my surprise. imagine my delight.  i am savouring these days, what with changing vision and being ever-watchful for worsening signs and symptoms, i find myself feeling much gratefulness and thanksgiving.

these are the days. 



4 thoughts on “these are the days.

  1. Knowing you are savoring these days makes me smile.
    I can honestly say gratitude has helped me through some pretty rough times. Gratitude and dear friends.

  2. absolutely and indeed :: gratitude and dear friends.

    i told my new opthalmologist that the only time my vision does not affect me is when i’m outdoors, so, outdoors i shall be, as often as i can be.

  3. It’s the medicine of nature… the healing for body and soul…. this outdoor therapy.

    love, light and healing prayers to you.

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