a whole-lotta baking and jumping-and-running and having to answer to the clock. that’s how these days have gone, lately. i am ready to plant my ass and sip some chai and flip through the pages of magazines stacked at my spot at the table, knit some fine wool into fingerless mitts for myself, and read. and snowshoe later this after, snowshoe deep into the woods in punchy temperature-affected snow.

its a good life. 


6 thoughts on “these days.

  1. That sweet Pinto. She looks as though she is getting fitted for some doggy gaiters.
    How I love hearing of the good in your life. Love it (and you) so very much.

  2. pinto. my bestest furred girlfriend forever. she had surgery and was self-conscious about the shaved area of fur on her leg, so she asked me to cover it before snapping the photo. i grabbed one of my fingerless mitts off the bedside table and obliged her.
    there is much good in my life. much chaos, too, at times, yet, much good.

  3. I do recall when you mentioned your Pinto’s surgery a while back. What were the circumstances? How is she doing now?
    My Pinto had surgery on her left front leg. The stitches come out this Tuesday.
    She sends her love to your Pinto of the north.

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