and he said “amen.”

i was gonna tell you about the internal martial arts class i have been attending and what it is doing for my body and my mind and my very inner being. i was gonna tell you how i am no longer powerless because that would mean i am giving my power away and i’m learning that is no longer necessary. i was gonna tell you how i don’t wanna hear about the who what how of God because i believe it’s best to just simply let God be. so. i’m just gonna tell you about how i drove neelie to the bike blessing today and parked her on the street just beyond today’s event, and as i was walking around watching all these brothers and sisters bowing their heads and standing shoulder-to-shoulder in prayer over their bikes because riding is pretty risky business, it occurred to me that driving is pretty risky business, too, and neelie is my winged wheeled ride,  so i looked for scott and asked him if he’d bless my ride. he looked at me as i stood there in my dress and leggings and sandals, and he asked me wheres your ride? i pointed to her and said thats her. he said sure, shall we walk over there? pretty soon mister jones caught up to us and the three of us stood there as scott prayed for blood to stay where it belongs and for oil to stay where it belongs and that i be safe on the road. then he handed me the little decal that is seen pasted year after year on bike windshields as prayers are said at bike blessings at the beginning of each riding season. so. ya know? it doesn’t matter who or what you believe in, it simply matters that you have some faith and that you do a little praying every once in a while. because, you know how we do. 


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