friday night book club.

i felt the bittersweet as i walked into the library. i had penned book club onto my hand because i did not want to miss this night. this would be her final book club meeting as the librarian of sutton public library. she has been my librarian for 30 years and my friend for just as long a time.

of course we discussed the book in front of us. of course our informal dialogue turned to other books we have been reading. we voiced our concern over the rising matanuska river. we discussed kids. and grandkids. and other world problems, as we are known to solve.

but, yet. she must have felt it. this. this. our last book club meeting with her at the helm. she mentioned that the teens were amazed when they tested her, how she could determine which book belonged to whom when they lay’d their newly-purchased summer reading program books on the counter. she pointed out how she has come to know each one of us through the years and could predict exactly which books any of us would carry to the counter for check-out.

it’s a good life. bittersweet sometimes. yet, good.


2 thoughts on “friday night book club.

  1. actually, 35 years a librarian. 31 years my friend. so she’s been “at it” a good long time.
    and, yes, may her retirement be sweet.

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