i am gonna make it easy on mister jones this year when he asks what do you want for your birthday?

a year’s pass to the anchorage museum. 



5 thoughts on “museum-ing.

  1. i won’t have to feel like i must see it all in one day. i can visit a bit at a time, several times a year. not to mention all the traveling exhibits and the permanent collections i love so much.

    by the way. the docent is a new arrival in alaska. she said she left minnesota to see the world and is beginning with a job in anchorage.

    and the bear. there were three on exhibit. their “fur” is made from feathers.

  2. Wow! I loved getting a tour of the museum sitting here in Oklahoma! Thank you!! I love museums.
    Ok, the fan – guy double-shooting the polar bears. lol!!!! Hey that’s gonna be a great gift – every exhibit and event will keep on giving. When is your birthday?

  3. ….and that ain’t all of it. i didn’t snap photos of the classic paintings by the alaskan masters, sydney laurence and fred machetanz and a few more. there are rooms dedicated to these fine and beautiful paintings……

  4. I will have to look up these artists. Thank you for what you did share. I understand it’s just not possible to show it all!

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