rollee home’ing. 1.


me ‘n’ milo, reading and checking the milepost. ziggy was always displeased when i had my nose in the milepost because i wasn’t paying attention to him. but, milo?? – he needed to know where we were at all times and when was the next time he could get out and stretch his legs. the pencilfox family wanted to spend the first night in denali park but there was no room at the inn, so to speak. even though we have an all access pass there were no RV spots available. so we moved onward to fairbanks and fox, set up home at a quaint little homestead where the biggest and fullest larch trees ever were located next to the owner’s house. dinner at the turtle club was a requirement for mister jones, hefty and tasty prime rib with salad. and dessert. cannot forget dessert. and, because it’s getting to be our thing, i read milo’s book to him – whose moon is that? after much-needed sleep, the next morning, we woke to feed the crew and make tea and head on up the road.


life on the road. it’s a good thing.

2 thoughts on “rollee home’ing. 1.

  1. Milo is so darn sweet. I love that you read to him. I love that he follows the story so intently. I love your rollee home. How awfully good and wonderful your trip must have been.

  2. milo would have it no other way. he must be read to at night.
    even though i snapped no photos of the pass, the images live forever in my heart.

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