on the search for excitement.


i need to get myself in gear and be more active. summer really kicked my ass hard, and now that all that is over and done with, it’s time for winter activity. i need to find excitement, and right now, i just don’t have it. i’m sure it will come, however. and i shall go on the hunt for it tomorrow. with my pintō. you see, today we took tō in to our favourite veterinarian, and received better news than we hoped for. pintō has been telling me for quite some time now that she is in pain, that she wants some comfort. and she finds that comfort climbing on top of us, or squeezing in next to my legs when i am standing at the kitchen counter, or hiding herself away in tiny spaces. really, i had thought the worst. and really, i hoped for not the worst. so i persisted in tending to my bgff‘s needs and took her to be assessed by doctor kelly campbell. good news is, no malignancies. sorta good news is, arthritis. really good news is, pintō is in excellent shape for her age and for having pretty much worn herself out too soon. she’s still strong as an ox. still loves to play frisbee. still loves to run up coyote hill and sniff around in the forest. and still loves us so very much. so, tomorrow, she and i will exercise our tired old bones together. we will begin with a walk up coyote hill. we will prepare for snowshoe season. together. 

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  1. I’m happy for your good news. Who among us with any miles on the odometer don’t have our share of aches and pains that will never go away now?

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