ain’t giving up. not yet.

at the beginning of december, as i prepared for an arthroplasty implant, i began the online sessions the cozy quiet, wanting to simply slow it all down, body and soul and most importantly, mind. “i’m done with always feeling like i must explain myself” i quietly stated to no one but me. i cannot begin to tell you how comforting it was to know i would enter a season of healing by tending to only my own needs until such time i would be able to perform housework and tend to the needs of the four-leggeds in this house.

as it might happen, i’m still in practice, listening to meditations and living in a slower state of body and mind. i knew this would not work, this implant, unless i gave it my all. i knew my body would not accept the union of metal-to-bone unless i turned inward, listening to my body. joining in with the cozy quiet allows me to continue to hear my intuition and carry it all one step further, two steps further, and on and on.

so you see, it’s like this….i am not ready to abandon my “blog” [i’d rather call it my online journal] to go the way of the rest of the world, posting only on social media sites.

this is where i began my storytelling adventure, years ago, when i became pencilfox as an artist, wanting to write down all the bones, because they are all special and important to me.

i hope my friends will continue to read here, settling in with a cup of tea or coffee, nodding in agreement or shaking your head no if not. comment if you wish. remain anonymous if that suits you better.


its a good life.

11 thoughts on “ain’t giving up. not yet.

  1. I’m so glad you’re still writing here. I love to visit this space, to be given a small glimpse into your thoughts and life. I miss blogging, or yeah – I prefer “journaling” too – terribly. I want to start writing there again. You inspire me! I hope metal and bone are becoming friendly with each other, and that in the meantime you’re enjoying your quiet time. 💚

  2. so glad to see you here, clare! it’s not that i mind IG or other sites, it’s just that this is my space, so i should take advantage of it. and i miss visiting you on your site! yes, do take it up again!! it’s like being invited into one’s home for a cup of tea and a sweet visit, as opposed to driving into town to have tea at the coffeeshop where so many people are hanging out. i prefer the singular personal visit, myself.

    i am enjoying quiet time, and just today i am feeling more muscle firing, and i am quite happy about that.

  3. Your blog is dear to me…..please keep writing friend, you have a way with words and feelings that I love.

  4. I for one, am happy you’re here, not giving up. I do miss this mode of conversation. This year shall be the year of the Return of the Blog!

  5. Tender healing to you, Marie. I enjoy following your journeys here and thank you for sharing. I’m here with tea and friendship.
    Love, Sandra

  6. Don’t ever give up the blog!
    I *did* give mine up because I just could not find the time for it any more. Life just plain got in the way.

    But I will always be here, cuppa tea in hand.

  7. Keep it. I like to stop by on my rounds. I deleted my Instagram account and disabled Facebook. I think I’m feeling more peaceful for it, though there are people I miss. I suspect I’ll get over that too. If people want to find me, I’m easy to find.

  8. chris.
    you are speaking my language. people know where to find me.
    i am working on additional journal posts but in the midst of healing from knee surgery, i know now that all things will happen when they will happen. recovery is most important. posts can always be posted when i have the emotional strength.
    i know you are feeling more peaceful. i like to think i can feel your peace.

    thanks for dropping in. see you ’round the next keyboard tap, eh??

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