friday afternoon book club.


so. there we were. three of us. sitting in a sunlit room at sutton public library. we discussed this month’s book club selection and then turned the crosstalk to other books we are reading, and important subjects, like, spring seed catalogues, and, growing dahlias, and, are mice native to alaska? you know, quite important discussion-worthy topics. the three of us did not solve any great world problems, but when keeping the subjects light and positive, it feels that we are contributing to world peace.


its a good life. 


2 thoughts on “friday afternoon book club.

  1. Such a wonderful book by a wonderful writer. And a wonderful publisher too, the very one I’m in talks with for my next book. All my fingers and toes are crossed in hopes I don’t screw it up….

  2. i have read this book three times through.

    congratulations on setting up with this publisher for your book!!

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