grace and peace and even more grace.


there was time to snowshoe before heading to the library for common threads. my head said i will need the bolstering of being in my prayer flag forest when i go into public. but, once i was at the library, i did what my heart instructed me to do. i sought out my kindreds and hung with them. i felt a bit of bristling and raising of my hackles while in the presence of a particular person, but after wanting to jump in and correct her, i took example from one person in particular who was quietly sitting in his power and strength. i simply turned and walked away. [thank you, daniel……..i owe you more than a silly little hug through the window of my jeep. thank you.]

oh. and. nancy talked me into purchasing the fox and the star at the sponsored book fair being held at the library. take a look inside. you will be glad you did, as i was quite glad i did.

oh. and. upon arrival home, more yarn was waiting for me.

so let us add this up.

snowshoeing + friends learning grace and peace new yarn = a perfectly perfect day. 


it’s a good life. 


p.s. did i tell you i have been allowed to snowshoe? of course, you know me so you know i am breaking the rules, snowshoe’ing in fresh snow and going further than the allotted distance. but boy-oh-boy is it ever lifting my spirits and reassuring me i did the right thing having arthroplasty implant surgery….and giving my body [and my spirit and my heart and my head] adequate healing time.



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