self love and all that sorta stuff.



one season ends, another begins. and we’re not talking winter into not-winter. the subject matter today is love and moving past recovery into still more recovery. 

 i have been through much in the past handful of months. hell, i have been through much in the past four years and have not stopped to take it all in. in case you don’t know me — or know me well — i am introverted, i am sensitive, and i am who i am. it’s time for me to recognize this and stop looking around for explanations. 

i am who i am. 

this fact became quite obvious to me in this last month. some bad behaviour spun me around, kicked me to the ground, and had me looking for professional assistance in helping me understand who i am and how to wrap my head around it. seeking how to practice self love confirmed i am indeed headed in the right direction. the first hurdle has been jumped, and now i just need to follow the remaining steps. i don’t wanna sound preachy, here, because by golly i have swallowed years of hearing all about loving others as i love myself. it is time for me to pause and learn the love myself part of the sermon. i am gonna do what i love doing and look more closely at me and the inner workings of what makes me me. 

oh. and. to add to the who i am part of this post, i have always been and will always be a seeker. because, you know……



finding yourself never looks 

the same. it tastes different each time

you stray. the journey back will

always be rewarding. home always

feels as good as it sounds. 

– heather church




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