scattered thoughts. many helpers.

when i was a church-y girl, one of my favourite scriptures was psalm 34:18, wherein it is stated “the Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed is spirit.” another passage (psalm 37:4) promised me that if i take delight in the Lord, i would be given the desires of my heart. at the time, my dog pluckie was my bestest closest friend and i informed other church-y people that i rested in the belief my doggie and i would see each other again in the place to where souls travel after death. churchgoers and bible-thumpers enjoyed chastising me over my sentiments because “dogs do not have souls….they won’t be in heaven.” as you can imagine, my base for religion shook out from under me and i ceased attending church. you see, i just simply believed my “God” would assure that pluckie and i would be reunited again someday.

now things are different for me. i still hold Jesus dear in my heart, because he was a gentle soul roaming the earth, looking to help those with whom he came in contact. besides, as my best good friend says, Jesus would totally drink chai if he were on the earth today. besides that, he wept.

nowadays i find the Almighty in my friends, to include mister jones and my pooches and my roadcat. and, in you, my friends. plus, the Almightiest Power presents sometimes through total strangers. this power is inside me. and in my prayer flag forest on coyote hill. it’s everywhere. life is grand.

i am no wonder woman or super hero. i won’t lie and say things have been all rosey between us this past 3 and 1/2 weeks. but through these struggles we grow. we change. all for the better.

we enjoyed some of the best cuisine of this trip in whitehorse, yukon. burnt toast café. while there i posed the query to mister jones, where is the sleep timer on the television remote? bless this man, he thinks in images and similes, just like me. so he had to show me, with his hand as the remote, where certain buttons are located. we laughed ‘til tears flowed. love-true-love.

just now, washing clothes here in destruction bay, yukon, the Almighty appeared in the form of a like-minded individuals. yukon connie, a prep cook here at talbot arm motel and RV park. i left my pencil in the rollee home and needed to jot some notes. she offered me a pen. “i’m a pencil girl” i replied. so she gifted me a little nubbin of a pencil. “keep it….isn’t it cute??!…it’s your souvenir of destruction bay.” and “doobie” aka david dubois. he and i chatted and bonded. we shook hands. we hugged hard. it was surely divine intervention of the best sort. when we parted ways he said “life is good.” fuck yeah, it is. thank you, Jesus, for that. life is good.


4 thoughts on “scattered thoughts. many helpers.

  1. Fuck YEAH!

    And, AND….my vet has a little plaque hanging on the wall a exam room that says….”Heaven is where you get to see all the dogs you’ve ever loved.”


  2. in my heart i know what is true. i hope God forgives me for this post if he deems it in need of forgiveness, because, after all, i forgive him for the some of the shit i’ve been through. [~wink.]

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