a day in these days.



frenetic — late 14c., from Old French frenetike, from Latin phreneticus“delirious,” alteration of Greek phrenitikos, from phrenitis, “frenzy,” literally “inflammation of the brain.”


i move slowly these days. not for any reason other than to remain mindful and grounded. multi-tasking and juggling too many thoughts just ain’t productive for this gal. it’s too easy to spin in my mind, which leads to spinning-about in action.  just yesterday i kept thinking it was later in the week than monday. i don’t know what was going on in my head. was i trying to rush the days along? is there something going to happen in my life that i want over and done with? yeah, most likely. but, leaning into any difficult times and ceasing the frenetic is how i wish to practice my daily living.


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