this guy. this day.


five years ago this little creature came into my life. i am so glad he did. he stood at the door of his kennel at the local shelter and meow-hollered as loudly as he could, and, now, when he wants something, or wants me to give him all my attention, the same plea still spills out. 

milo roadcat jones is under house arrest these days. not because of anything he did, but because there are too many fools out there in the world. buffalo milo asked to come live with me, and i am his guardian….i keep him safe and out of harm’s way. he may not like it, this harness-wearing and leash-restraint, but i cannot bear the thought that i would let anything untoward happen to him that i could have prevented.

happy adoption anniversary day, little baby barn owl kitty.

today i celebrate having buffalo milo in my life for the past 5 years.
today he celebrates anything that has to do with him having his own way.


4 thoughts on “this guy. this day.

  1. Happy anniversary, sweet little man. You deserve all the best crinkly paper sacks and hidey-boxes in the world.

  2. he says
    tell her thank you for me.
    that’s what buffalo milo said when i read your comment to him. xx

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