cactus story.


one morning, as we were rolling our way through canada, mister jones was out and about walking the pack. he’s always looking down, looking for rocks. we both do. i was home alone in rollee, and pretty soon mister jones appears, saying, “i brought you something! i thought it was a rock, but when i picked it up, it bit me!!” he c a r e f u l l y reached into his pocket, pulling out a little cactus pad. i placed it into a ziploc bag, moistened a paper towel, placed it into the bag alongside little cactus, taped the bag to a wall in rollee. once home, i placed it on dirt and watered it. and watered it. and waited. and watered it. and nothing happened. then, one day, little cactus sprouted! the brightly-green pad growing out of its parent pad grew upwards [as you see it] in about a week’s time! i kept saying to mister jones “look at the cactus grow!” because quite literally, it was growing before our eyes.


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