out and about with buffalo milo and my thoughts.



i have been giving great thought to words and how i use them. i am wanting to be more aware of when i am reacting to others’ words, and this often finds me being silent. i’m no great wordsmith, and often i simply write and speak in common wordage. i’ve been giving thought, though, to phrases that are employed in speech, phrases which are dismissive and demeaning, toward myself if no one else. i don’t like feeling dismissed, and most likely neither do others. here’s a bit of phraseology that is often employed….and….what is the meaning of it? i am committing to be aware of it and not use it. 

at least….”









2 thoughts on “out and about with buffalo milo and my thoughts.

  1. Interesting thoughts on the dismissive nature of certain phrases.
    And may I say that Mr Buffalo Milo is one handsome feline. Yes, indeed.

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