“There is something so pleasingly pure about having a task to be accomplished and then accomplishing it.” 

— Pam Houston, Deep Creek.

It is time for harvest, albeit early, most likely due to the intense heat Alaska had in July. I didn’t always look forward to pulling vegetables from the deep rich soil in the Coyote Hill garden site, sweating and getting dirt in my boots and feeling the ache in my bones and muscles….then all the putting by, unending hours of processing. Not to mention having to rearrange the floor of the pantry, pulling the older goods forward and tucking the newer cases to the side. More aching bones and muscles.

Last night I fell into bed after having showered the day’s sweat from scalp-to-soles, worn out and tired to the bone. I pulled this delightful book from my bedside stack and picked up where I left off. This aforementioned quote had me nodding my head in agreement. I know that feeling. And truth be known, I actually enjoy that feeling, knowing I had something to accomplish and being so dang proud of myself for accomplishing it.

Today, two cases of pickled beets. They will taste so very wonderful come midwinter. Ya know?? 



It’s a good life. 



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